Mario Forever 2.16 Tips and tricks

The previous versions of Mario Forever are no more available for download but for those guys who had it already

Here are tips and Tricks for Mario Forever v2.16

Mario Forever

Cheat Codes V2.16:
Submitted by: sanmoy

Open the folder Mario Forever( default : C:\Buziol Games\Mario Forever)
where the game has been installed. Open the configuration setting file
"mafosav" with Notepad or other text editor.

Originally it looks:
Change the values as you desire to reach world 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

World 2 values:

World 3 values:

World 4 values:

World 5 values:

World 6 values:

World 7 values:

World 8 values:
Now enjoy and have fun.

Submitted by: Vibhav Bhangale

It's not a cheat but a way to a new world. When you choose a world which you have
saved. Don't go inside a pipe but go go straight were you will find some goodies.
Stand on the Bricks after the flower and jump at the left side of the screen. GO
straight inside a pipe. You will find a new world.
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Submitted By Shlok Kasat

When You Start The Save Game. You Don't Enter A Pipe Go Front, If You Wanna Pick
A Goodie Then You May But Go More Front And Stand On The Brick And Jump Most Higher
You Can. And Go More Front You'll See There A New Special Level Named As Human
Laboratory Will Come And Enter A Pipe Which Has A Question Mark On It And Enter
It. And You'll Find That There Are Humans Instead Of The Normal Enemies.

Submitted by: Robert Woodcock

When you have droped down from the pipe at the save game screen, carry on going
right until the last two blocks of the items, then stand on the blocks and jump
high and forward over the barrier into the next screen. Carry on going right
until you come to the Human Labolatory Secret level, DO NOT go down the pipe.
Instead carry on jumping into the next screen (hint: u may need to use the run
faster key when u jump into the next screen) you should come to the Mario
Forever Lost Map level, either go down this pipe to the level or carry on
jumping to next screen and you should come to a screen that has a list of all
the secrets in the game. Once again jump to the next screen over the gap and
you should finally come to the last of the secret levels the Funny Tanks Level
(may i warn you this is extremly hard)

Submitted by: steve

In the first level go to the left and push down on the arrows where you will find
the free green mushrooms.keep following it backwards and you will end upwith 16

Submitted by: Auto X

This Is A Way To The Hardcore Level. In World 1 On The 2nd Level Keep Going Till.
You Find A Pipe Monster Next To A Money Room (Where You Have To Jump Around). Do
Not Go in The Money Room Go Under The Pipe Monster Then Jump And Use The Up Button
(The One In The Options Menu) (I Have Not Completed The Hardcore Level It Is Hard
For Me).

Submitted by: BENNO

First start a new game in world 1, go to the far left of the sreen and press down to
go to green mushroom world get all the mushrooms then finish level, keep going through
the levels till you get to world 1-4, go through level till you get to the pipe to get
to world 3-1, then go through world 3-1 till you get to the warp to world 8 pipe then
you will have all the lives and upgrades you had from before.

Submitted by: kevin

When you get to go down 1 of the 3 pipes dont go in any and press Q then you will go
to a weird place called the lost map which the levles are much harder but more fun.

Submitted by: Leon

In world 1-1 of Mario Forever, when you see a series of pipes each with 2 coins over
them, duck down the third one. Collect the coins, then jump up and push up to enter
the pipe on the roof. This takes you to a room with a line of bricks. Jump up on the
bricks and there is a line of coins above them that are hidden. Jump over the gap to
the coins near the ceiling. Just below them is a long line of invisible coins. Get
them and then you can get the others near the ceiling. This will get you an extra man
because you will go over 100 coins in this room provided you get all the others in
this level as well.

Submitted by: manjeet

At the beginning of the game(that is world 1-1) do not go forward but go back(left)
and the the end of the screen press the down button. if u do not go under the ground
come one or two steps forward and again press down. then u'll go under the ground and
once u reappear you will find about 12 one-up mushrooms.(once u go under the screen
will write a text written"mushroom calamity is on") enjoy.

Submitted by: Roy

When you go to a saved game don't go into the pipe of the saved game go straight and
get your goodie but this only works with the fireball Mario then go back to the pipes
and shoot the cloud 3 times maybe 4 that is right near the pipe where you came from
when you opened up Mario Forever then a 1-up mushroom should pop out.

Submitted by: Rishabh

Press "XYZZYSPOON + Shift +1" all world will be unlocked.

Submitted by: Jace Grant S. Casio

When you start a game when you see the three pipes don't go down 1 of them. Instead
just keep on jumping until mario is jumping way high then got to the pipe that leads
to the human laboratory world but don't go down jump over the bricks and you will
know what will happen.

A way to have 24 lives:
Submitted by: abhi

If you have 0 lives at world 8-4 jump into the lava dont worry you will play again
with 24 lives directly with koopa.

Submitted by: aarthi

When you are dropped down from the pipe go pick up a power flower and shoot the cloud
three to get a green mushroom and go to the last two bricks and jump and you will be
in a new world complete the world with the power flower mode and again you will be
dropped down from the pipe and again shoot the cloud three times and when you enter
a pipe you will play with five lives.

Submitted by: manoj

When u entered 3-1 World you will find a pipe at starting{1 Pipe}Side of there will
another pipe. By as a small boy walk in between these two will find a
secret passage which takes to 8th world.Try it.

Submitted by: pranay

When you begin mario forever you see three pipes don,t get enter in anyone move forward
and take the flower goodie then come back and fire the cloud near the pipe where you
came at first and see you will get a green mushroom.

Submitted by: samar

When you are in flower goodie. Then you have to go to the end of the level and then you
have to break the ind point immidiately you have to fire then you see that you get 100

Submitted by: prakhar

This is a way to the hardore level.In world 1 on the keep going till you find a pipe
monster next to a money room (Where you have to jump round) Do not go in the money room
go under the pipe monster then jump and the up button (the one in the option menu (I
have not ompleted the hardcore level it is hard for me).

Submitted by: navneet

When you are in world 2-4 you will see two upside down pipes above piranha plants go
into the second pipe you will get some coins and a mushroom.

Submitted by: Crazy T

In level 3-1, rush your way to the area with 2 GREEN turtles on top of a layer of bricks
and 2 RED turtles on the bottom. (its right after the long walkway and staircase with
coins toward the end of the level). Jump down and kill the 2 red turtles before the 2
green ones fall from the top to the bottom. Then quickly jump to the left on the chocolate
block piece. The 2 green turtles will fall and one will eventually get stuck in between
the chocolate block piece and the land (right in the gap). Step on the turtle and jump
toward your right during the step then PUSH the turtle toward the chocolate block piece.
(Do not try to step on him twice or you might fall thru the gap that he is stuck in.)
He will vibrate wedged into that space and just spin there. Now jump left and back up
to the long walkway so that the turtle is at your lower right screen. As bee's fly up
and try to attack you, the spinning turtle is killing them off and your earning mad
points AND 1UP's!

New World:
Submitted by: hari

Go to the save select menu move right you will find goodies pick ant one of them and
press "q" a new world named- Mario forever lost world will open.

Submitted by: xyzzy

In the level 1-1, there are many stars, like one above the pipe after which there are
two pipes having piranas.But to take it you don't have to cross it othervise it will
have been gone.

Submitted by: rajat sharma

In world 2-4 , go until you get a mark, but do not take the goodie,let it fall into a
lava you also fall if you are having more than 0 life otherwise you can not do this.and
when you also fall then...
for more imformation mail me:

Submitted by: Bhuji

I may be the first one to complete the human laboratory mission.The trick is that you try
to find as many secrets as possible since there is no time limit.Here are a few

1. Mission-You can get 2 one ups 132 Coins and 2 mushrooms.
2. mission you can get 1 one up and about 109 coins and 1 mushroom.
3. mission you can get0 2 one ups.
4. 0 one ups.
5. is the last but pretty easy.

In it you keep on going down till get to a checkpoint just keep going down and hit a guy who
say "where's my keyboard" he will keep on going down eliminating your enemies and getting you
one ups plenty lot of them.

After the mission's over you get to a town named 'xiyag' and has all the characters who designed
the game. Thats it after that you return to to place where you choose goodies.

2 go 2 8th world:
Submitted by: arihant jain

when u reach world 1level 4 u can c roud balls after whaich 2 wolves come c there is a gap
up at d corner jump u get a coin jump above if keep going ull see a passage u go in 3rd world
u can c a aspring cross that n reach the other side a 2 pipes come one small n 1 big in between
u have a gap move 2ward the big pipe here is 8th world enjoy playing.